How to Apply for a Permit
  • 28 Jun 2024
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How to Apply for a Permit

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Article summary

Log in to CommunityConnect:

Click the Apply for a Permit from the Dashboard
(Don't have this option? Click here for more info.)

Apply for a Permit Icon on Dashboard

Select Permit Type
Select Permit Type Dropdown

Select Filter Permit Types by Category if you would like to narrow down the list of options in the Permit Type list.

Description of Work

In the Description of Work field, add details about the project:Description of Work field

Jobsite Address

When entering the job site address, click Lookup Address for easier ways to add an address.
Look Up Address Button in the Jobsite Address Area

Fill out required fields

Any fields with an icon like this are required in order to accept the ApplicationRequired field icon

Upload Documents

Application Document Requirements area, showing required fields and how to select "I can't upload this".

Submit Application

Submit Application Button

Quick Tip
  • Rather than submitting your application, you can choose to Save the Application and finish it later. You can find all of your saved applications in the Applications tabApplications tab on the Permits screen