Guide for Company Admins
  • 02 Dec 2023
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Guide for Company Admins

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Article Summary

What is a Company Admin?

Company Admins are a type of contractor user in CommunityConnect. They can be enabled by another Company Admin in your company, a CommunityCore permit tech, or CommunityCore Support.

Company Admins have the flexibility to make changes to their company's profile as needed.

Company Admin permissions

In addition to applying for permits, making payments, and requesting inspections, Company Admins can also:

CommunityConnect, Company Admin Options.png

How to manage your company profile


As a Company Admin, you can edit any of the highlighted fields in your company profile:
Contractor details field a company admin can edit.png


Check or uncheck trades to manage your company's trades.

Contracting company, trades, company admins can edit.png

Authorized Online Users

Authorized Online Users in your company, can:
  • Apply for permits (if access has been given by the building department you are working with) under your company's profile
  • Make payments
  • Request inspections
  • View and download permit documents, inspection cards, and plan review documents
  • Upload documents to permits
  • View all of your company's active and closed permits and applications

Give your employees access to CommunityConnect

  1. From the Dashboard, click Company Details
    CommuntiyConnect, Company Details.png

  1. Click Authorized Online Users

  2. Click Add Online User
    CommunityConnect, Authorized Online Users.png

  1. Enter the user's email address
    Add online user modal.png

After adding a user, they will receive an email to finish setting up their account. Please have them watch their junk or spam folders if they don't see the email in their inbox. The email will look similar to this:
CommunityConnect, new account setup for authorized online user.png

Resend profile setup email

If a new authorized online user didn't receive the account setup email or the link has expired, you can send it again:

CommunityConnect, Company Admin, authorized online users, edit, send profile email.png

Remove a user

CommunityConnect, remove user.png

Edit user profile

As a Company Admin, you can edit the highlighted parts of a user's profile for them. A user can also edit their own profile.
What company admins can edit on an authroized users profile.png

Add or remove Company Admin permissions

CommunityConnect, add or remove company admins as an admin.png

Upload Supporting Documents

CommunityConnect, Upload Supporting Documents, Contractor.png

Other tips

Operating in multiple jurisdictions?

  • Please note: If your company operates in multiple jurisdictions, you may have Company Admin permissions in some jurisdictions but not all. If you do not have Company Admin permissions in a specific jurisdiction but need them, please contact the building department you are working with to request access.

Working with clients?

  • Please let your clients know that they can contact the building department they are working with to get set up with a Community Member profile. This will give them access to their permits through CommunityConnect.