View the status of your application
  • 08 Jun 2022
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View the status of your application

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Application statusAbout
Draft application needs info.png
  • A Draft Application with this icon means that your application has been returned to you because it needs more information. 
  • Click the link  to see what information the jurisdiction is requesting 
  • Then open your application, make those changes/additions, and resubmit 
Pending Review
  • While the jurisdiction has received your application, they haven't finished their review of it yet. 
  • When your application is Pending Review, you are not able to make changes or edit the application.
Draft Application
  • This application has not been submitted to the jurisdiction yet. You are still able to edit the application and can submit it when ready.
📞 Need more info?
If you need more info about the status of your application or permit, please reach out to the jurisdiction (town/city/county) you are working with. Thank you!

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